August 2018 Updates

photo Phase II of gate renumbering at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is completed. Gates 16-20 is now 25-29.

Phase II of gate renumbering has been completed at the Austin airport in preparation for adding nine new gates to the Barbara Jordan Terminal. Glass installed on the Oculus feature of the 9-gate terminal expansion and a new consolidated maintenance complex is planned to support airport operations.

illustration gate renumberingPhase II Renumbering Completed as Gates 16-20 Change to 25-29

The second phase of the gate number changes at the Austin airport has been completed as part of the 9-gate expansion project and increasing the number of gates from 25 to 34. New gate numbers are starting to appear in the Barbara Jordan Terminal as Gates 16-20 were changed to 25-29.

Phase III will see Gates 10-15 change to 19-24 in September. Gate renumbering will continue to  change until October. The remaining gate renumbering schedule is below:

  • Mid-September – Gates 10-15 change to Gates 19-24
  • Early October – Gates 1, 5-9 change to Gates 13, 14-18

The renumbering includes changes to all the numbers at the gates, on the concourse, jet bridges, jet parking and on the directional/wayfinding signs in the airport. Gates 16-20 changed to Gates 25-29 on Aug. 15. Gates 21-25 were changed to Gates 30-34 on Aug. 1.

To watch the arrival and installation of new number 34, click here.

Photo Frosted frit glass mounted on the Oculus feature in the 9-gate terminal expansion.Glass Installed on Oculus Design Feature

Frosted glass has been added to the Oculus moon tower design feature of the 9-gate expansion that is under construction at the Austin airport. At 8,974 square feet, the Oculus is a mezzanine-level circular design that is raised 21.5 feet high from the concourse. The upper-level mezzanine Oculus will be part of the new Delta Sky Club. Under the Oculus on the concourse level is 2,750 square feet of restaurant development space open to all passengers.

The mezzanine level of the 9-gate expansion also includes 10,179 square feet for the Custom’s sterile corridor, 1,507 square feet of common area that leads to the 3,994 square foot exterior patio.

The concourse level of the 9-gate expansion includes 89,735 square feet of new gate area, hold room, restaurant, retail, other concessions and restroom space.

New Airport Consolidated Maintenance Complex Planned

Rendering of the new Consolidated Maintenance Complex planned for construction at the Austin airport.The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has plans to construct a Consolidated Maintenance Facility to provide maintenance support for airport daily operations. The new site, located off of Golf Course Road that intersects with SH 71 will serve as the headquarters for maintenance (airline, building, and field), motor pool, warehouse, trades (carpeting, mechanical, plumbing, welding, and wildlife), deicing, recycling, truck wash bay, airport police unit and police K-9 center.

Located on 29.88 acres on current airport property, the single complex design supports the need for additional maintenance facilities that are currently located at various locations at the Austin airport. It will also provide covered storage of maintenance vehicles and other important and expensive assets.

Six buildings, including maintenance headquarters, motor pool, warehouse, trades, and airport police units have been designed to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification.


Construction on the consolidated maintenance complex buildings totaling 133,150 square feet is estimated to begin in 2019 with an estimated completion date in 2020.


Foundation Piers Set for Administration Building Construction

illustration admin bldgPiers ranging from 2 to 4 feet wide to 71 feet deep have been set to support the foundation of the five-level, 81,800 square foot Aviation Administration Building. A total of 79 piers will be set for the building that will be located next to the new 6,000 car parking garage under construction at the Austin airport.

Austin Commercial is the lead contractor for the administration building that is designed to be LEED Gold. The building will house and consolidate administrative aviation departments including finance, properties and tenant management, enterprise business services, public information, graphic, arts, music and air service development. The building will allow airport personnel to move from the mezzanine levels inside the Barbara Jordan Terminal and make the space available for possible future development and or passenger amenities.

July 2018 Updates

economy lot new entry

Updated and expanded entries and exits to the parking garages and economy lots are under construction at the Austin airport. A new jet blast fence and additional apron space is completed as part of the 9-gate terminal expansion project. New airport robotic coffee barista debuts across from Gate 8.


Construction starts to expand parking entries, exit toll plazas

aerial map of parking lots

Construction has started on renovating and enlarging the entry and exit parking plazas at the Austin airport. This is to provide better clarity and convenience for customers and to make parking operations more efficient for the parking garages and economy lots B-G.

The north exit plaza that services all of the economy parking lots and the new 6,000 space parking garage currently under construction, will expand from five lanes to 10 lanes. This is also the location of a new parking administration building at the airport.

A new entry to the rental car facility is under construction and a new entry to the parking garages will expand from four lanes to six lanes. The new entry plaza for economy parking is under construction. It will continue to be four lanes and accessible from Presidental Blvd.


New jet blast fence defines edge of 9 gate expansion jet blast fence

Mounted on top of a new retaining wall at the end of the newly expanded east apron at the Austin airport is a new 14-foot high jet blast fence. A jet blast fence deflects fast moving heated air created by jet engines. This protects airport assets and personnel from potential damage that could occur from the jet blast or airborne debris.

The fence, fabricated by Empire Acoustical Systems and constructed by lead contractor Hensel Phelps, is 370 liner square feet in length and 18 inches wide. The fence is a new addition to the Austin airport east apron as part of the 9 gate terminal expansion project.

Expansion adds 59,000 square yards of east apron space

Currently, the expansion of the east apron is adding another 59,000 square yards of operational space to the Barbara Jordan Terminal apron as part of the 9 gate terminal expansion project. This will allow and provide space for more and larger aircraft movement and operations to service the new 9-gates currently under construction.aerial view of 9 gate expansion

The east apron expansion will increase the number of overnight aircraft parking (RON) to approximately 31 positions, pending aircraft size. Additionally, the number of gate positions available at the Austin airport will increase from 24 to 33.

Hensel Phelps, the lead contractor of the expansion project estimates that 57,000 tons of pavement, that is 16.5 inches thick, has been poured for the apron to date.

Installation complete for world’s first airport robotic coffee haus  briggo coffee house

Briggo has completed construction and installation of the world’s first app-based automated coffee barista, located across from Gate 8 at the Austin airport.  Now open, this is the first robotic, 24/7 specialty coffee system installed in an airport in the world.

The haus allows travelers, airline crews, and airport employees to customize their coffee, hot chocolate or tea order remotely from the app or directly at the nearly 11-feet wide, 8-feet tall and 4-feet deep machine. Beans are ground inside the machine that is flanked by two large touch screens and dairy, sweeteners and flavors are added per the customer’s selections. Learn more at

June 2018 Updates

photo of seven glass panels

The contractor is installing seven glass panels per day during construction. Each glass wall panel weights 600 lbs.

The installation of 185 glass wall and roof panels has started in the new Customs corridor of the 9-gate terminal expansion at the Austin airport. Fitted is one of two 14-ton stairs to connect the new concourse to the new patio. Refabricated jet bridges to return as part of the new terminal and ABIA Master Plan seeks public comment as the deadline approaches for the survey.

Frit patterned glass installation begins for Customs corridor in 9-gate expansion

Contractors have started the installation of 185 frosted treated wall and roof glass panels, weighing 600 to 700 lbs. each. The glass wall panels are each 11.5 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 4 inches thick, and will enclose the international arrival passageway in the 9-gate expansion of the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

The structurally enclosed and soundproof corridor includes glass roof panels that are nearly 12.5 feet tall, 5 feet wide and 4 inches thick, weighing 700 lbs each.

photo of glass panels in new customs corridorThe 90 fins that support the glass, line the nearly 600 foot long upper-level sterile corridor, will lead international arriving passengers to the U.S. Customs facility at the Austin airport.

The fully tempered heat soaked low iron glass panels have an interlayered frit patterned for graduated privacy at the bottom,  transitions from 70 percent translucent white to a clear opacity at the top. The frit pattern is composed of tiny dots to create an opaque coating. The coating also reduces glare, cut cooling cost and provides a distinctive look. This allows privacy from onlookers looking up from the below concourse but allows an upper-level unobstructed view of the below concourse.

Contractor Haley-Greer of Dallas is installing seven glass panels per day. View the most updated terminal expansion video on the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s YouTube page at

photo of 14 ton stairway connecting the concourse level of 9 gate expansion to the mezzanine level and outdoor patio

Steel stairway to new airport patio installed

One of the two steel staircases that connect passengers from the concourse level of the 9-gate expansion to the mezzanine level and outdoor patio entrance, has been fitted in the expansion. The helically oriented design stairways, each will use 14 tons of steel and was fabricated by Patriot Erectors of Dripping Springs, Texas.  From the patio level, the stairways are located to the left and right of the center tower and lead back down to the concourse level along with an elevator.

Three jet bridges set to make reappearance after makeover

The jet bridges that were removed from the original Gates 2-4 will be refurbished onsite at the airport by ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems based in Fort Worth, Texas and fitted the 9-gate expansion building. The jet bridges will receive updated systems and replacement parts along with other cosmetic upgrades such as new wall panels, paint, and new carpeting.

Former Gate 2 bridge will be the new Gate 11 bridge, Gate 3 bridge will be the new Gate 9 and the former Gate 4 bridge will be the new Gate 10 bridge.

The bridges were dismantled and stored onsite at the airport from their original gate location to make way for the longer temporary jet bridges to extend beyond the construction work.

photo of Berry austin and Departure Lounge

Departure Lounge, Berry Austin opens across from Gate 8

Now open near Gate 8 is the new Departure Lounge and Berry Austin frozen yogurt at the Austin airport.

An upscale interactive travel discovery location, the 1,230 square foot Departure Lounge will highlight future travel vacations and getaways. The lounge will serve organic coffees, small- batch boutique wines, artisan chocolates, and cheeses.

The new 300 square foot Berry Austin airport location offers uniquely flavored yogurt recipes from founder Kathy Steele, who opened her flagship location in central Austin in 2009. With 10 flavors of frozen yogurt and 50 available toppings, Berry Austin will also offer smoothies, parfaits, floats and other treats.

Concessionaire Paradies Lagardere will operate Departure Lounge and Berry Austin.

gate re-numbering

In advance of opening nine new gates in the Barbara Jordan Terminal, the Austin airport will start to renumber the terminal concourse gates starting this summer. New outside LED displays now show the upper-level airline drop-off and ticket counter locations. Auntie Anne’s closes for the construction of a MAD Greens in the east food park. Saxon Pub to relocate to center concourse as the construction of Hut’s Hamburger begins.

Getting ready for gate re-numbering

The original gate number signs along the concourse are scheduled to be replaced with new signs in July 2018. This is in preparation for the renumbering of all gates, necessitated by the addition of nine new gates, currently underway. Although at installation the new signs will display current gate numbers; they are designed so as to be able to reveal a new gate number at a later date. The renumbering will start with Gate 25, which will become Gate 34, and work its way east down through the numeric system to where the new expanded concourse area meets the original concourse.

Blade canopy signs at airport outside replaced with LED displays

The front of the Austin airport is going digital with the removal of the fixed blade airline signs atop canopy. The signs, located at the upper-level drop off area, mark the location of the airline’s ticket counters in the Barbara Jordan Terminal. Electronic Visual Information Display System (EVIDS) that displays the airline logo, replaces the fixed signs. The six LED displays are 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide each, and allow for easier updating of airline and traveler information.

All the overhead signage on Presidential Blvd. will be updated and replaced with digital signs as part of the airport’s overall improvement project to the main roadway. This includes signage to the rental car, parking lots A-G and the parking garages, and to the upper and lower level drop-off and pickup areas.

Auntie Anne’s closes for MAD Greens construction

Auntie Anne’s pretzels closed on June 1 for the construction of the new MAD Greens concession near Gate 7. This is the final concept that will complete the renovation of the east food park at the Austin airport.

MAD Greens will serve fast and healthy dining options including a variety of salads, grain bowls, wraps and juices made from raw fruits and vegetables. The menu will also include gluten-free and vegan selections. Construction is estimated to be completed this year on the 740 square foot restaurant that will be operated by concessionaire Paradies Lagardère.

Hut’s Hamburger construction begins, Saxon Pub to relocate

Hut’s Hamburger, an Austin favorite since 1939, is set to join the Austin airport food scene, as construction begins on the concept across from Gate 5. This is the former location of the Saxon Pub, that has relocated to the center concourse, in the area of the Ray Benson’s Roadhouse, near Gate 10.

Hut’s, known for its natural, fresh, never-frozen hamburgers from Texas-raised beef and buffalo will also offer a variety of traditional plated dinners, onion rings, tacos, salads, buffalo wings and old-fashioned milkshakes, malts and root beer floats.

Construction on the 1,651 square foot Hut’s restaurant is estimated to be completed in 2018. Concessionaire Paradies Lagardère will operate Hut’s.

The relocation and construction of the new Saxton Pub is expected to begin this summer and be completed by year’s end. Concessionaire Delaware North operates the Saxon Pub.



May 2018 Updates

Sneak peek inside 9-gate expansion, new east food court options at Austin airport

Three food concepts in the east food court will soon open as Hippies & Hops, Juiceland and The Peached Tortilla are nearing the finishing and punch list phases. Take a video sneak peek inside the 9-gate expansion of the Barbara Jordan Terminal. Barton Springs East and Ruta Maya coffee open a second location at Gate 5. East Side Pies added to West food court renovation plans.

Hippies & Hops, Juiceland and Peached Tortilla set to open

Soon to open this month in the east food court at the Austin airport are three new concession and food concepts. Hippies & Hops, Juiceland and The Peached Tortilla are currently in the punch list and inspection stages of construction.

The three new food selections, operated by concessionaire Deleware North using an open floor design with 2,435 square feet of space, are located across from Gates 7-8. The 340 square foot Hippies & Hops bar will serve locally crafted beer flavors along with other nationally recognized beer brands and wines by the glass.
The Peached Tortilla, a local retro Austin eatery that began as a popular food truck, is known for its Southern and Asian-fusion flair. The menu includes popular menu items such as the Banh Mi tacos and bowls with Vietnamese braised pork belly, the JapaJam burger with a fried egg and tempura onion strings, and the BBQ Brisket Taco and cauliflower bowl.

Juiceland offers an array of fruit, vegetable and protein smoothies, cold-press bottled juices, vegan cuisine, shots, and juice cleanses. Starting with only four smoothie recipes, the Juiceland concept was created in Austin in 2001, will also offer a wide variety of plant-based vegan grab & go meals.


Sneak peek construction video from inside the 9-gate expansion

We are excited about the construction progress made on the 9-gate expansion of the Barbara Jordan Terminal at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Take a video sneak peek inside to see the work to expand the terminal from 24 to 33 gates. Construction continues to provide an additional 88,359 square feet of new concourse, hold rooms, concession and retail space at the Austin airport. This includes new international gates and 5,770 square feet of patio space that overlooks the east runway. Link to video:

Barton Springs East and Ruta Maya opens near Gate 5

East Side Pies specialty pizzas is planned for West food court construction across from Gate 12.The Barton Springs Dry Goods and Ruta Maya coffee have opened second locations inside the Barbara Jordan Terminal, and are now near Gate 5, just beyond Checkpoint 1.

The Ruta Maya coffee company offers certified organic specialty coffee in medium, dark and espresso roasts. Both Barton Springs and Ruta Maya have locations at Gate 18 also.

East Side Pies added to west food court options 

East Side Pies is joining Amy’s Ice Cream, Flyrite Chicken, and Hat Creek Burger Company as part of the renovation and concept plans for the west food court in the Austin airport. The west food court, located across from Gate 12 is estimated to begin renovations in fall 2018.

East Side Pies, noted for its thin-crust specialty pizzas and a variety of homemade sauces uses Texas sourced meats and produce from Austin-area farmers. The brand has three locations in Austin.



April 2018 Updates

Installation of canopies to the 9-gate expansion begins to add shade to the patio and new concourse at the Austin airport. A construction milestone is within reach as building envelope completion date nears.

Installation of canopies to throw shade on 9-gate terminal building

Workers are busily installing the 162 panels that make up the sunshade canopies that will encircle the entire 9-gate expansion building. The panels, weighing 1,000 lbs. each will provide shade for the patio and the entire terminal building expansion.

sunshade panelsEach sunshade panel is 8 feet long and 20 feet wide. Together the 162 panels will cover 28,000 square feet to provide enough shade for two football fields. Serving as a design feature mimicking a wing that floats around the building, the canopies are intended to provide an airplane and aerospace industry theme for passengers.

The building’s exterior is about 75 percent glass to allow for natural lighting and provide views of the runway, taxiways and apron operations. The functional purpose of the canopies is to reduce the amount of heat gained from sunlight entering the building through the windows and reduce the amount of energy required to cool the building.

The canopies also reduce the glare of the sun within the building but still allow ample natural light. This feature, used in combination with the lighting control system, reduces the amount of energy used for lighting in the building.

The canopy that overhangs the east side of the expansion will cover and provide shade for the 5,770 square foot outdoor patio. The patio will provide a view of the east runway for passengers.

Metal panels which match the existing terminal are being installed. The placement of the last glass panel, estimated to be completed at the end of this month, will mark the completion of the building envelope to separate the interior and exterior parts of the building.

The hoisting of the canopies is one of the last major projects for the final inground tower crane that remains at the site. At the end of the month, Hensel Phelps is anticipating the disassembling and removal of the tower crane when major lift jobs such as the canopies and remaining glass panels have been completed. Mobile cranes and machinery will then be used for the remainder of the project construction.

Also on the inside, rough plumbing, electrical and HVAC work are underway along with preparation for the installation of the terrazzo flooring in the new terminal expansion.

Gensler is the lead building designer of the expansion project that will add nearly 175,000 square feet of terminal space. The project, which includes adding nine additional gates, new concourse, apron, mezzanine, and platform level space, is estimated to be completed in early 2019.



March 2018 Updates

Under construction ABIA Retail, the location of the new free cell phone lot, gas station, convenience store and restaurants, is nearing completion. The 9-gate expansion now includes a Delta Sky Club. The new entry for the economy long-term parking is now open.

ABIA Retail to include Texaco, Austin Java, Subway and TacoN Mama

The construction of ABIA Retail, the new cell phone lot, gas station, convenience store and restaurants, is nearly 85 percent complete. Just off Presidential Blvd. and Spirit of Texas Drive, at the same site as the previous free cell phone lot, construction has progressed to the tenant improvement phase.

Texaco brand gasoline will be sold at the station and a 2,600 square foot Austin Java coffee store will operate with a drive-thru. A duel Subway sandwich restaurant and TacoN Mama location will operate at the site. The gas pumps and 4,500 square foot convenience store are estimated to open in May of 2018 with the restaurants following a month later.

An attraction for kids and families will be the aviation-themed playground. It will include picnic tables and public restrooms. Restrooms will also be located in the restaurant and convenience store buildings.

The project is designed with 140 total parking spaces making  50 available for free cell phone lot usage.  The 10 covered gas pumps can serve 20 cars and the lot will have electric car slow-charging stations and fast-charging stations.

ABIA Retail was designed by Brad Nelsen of Nelsen Partners Architect and Planners. The three structure project features 29 curved high beam arches that give the station canopy, convenience store and restaurant a distinguishing look. A major addition to the entire project is the lighting package that can brightly change colors to reflect a theme or season.

Terminal expansion includes Delta Sky Club

Delta Air Lines announced the inclusion of a 9,000 square foot Delta Sky Club to be located in the 9-gate expansion of the Barbara Jordan Terminal that is currently under construction.  The announcement was made by Erik Snell, Delta’s Vice President of Operations and Customer Center while speaking at the Austin Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. The airline stated that the club’s design will be locally-inspired and includes a full-service bar, food options, and a covered Sky Deck.

Bag Claim 3 under construction, Mexican trunk exhibit on Bag Claim 7

Construction work to replace and modernize bag Carousel 3 has started. Behind the Barbara Jordan statue, the triangle-shaped carousel once displayed the arty and iconic airport guitars. In partnership with the Consulate General of Mexico in Austin, beautiful travel trunks, reflecting artist travel traditions of pre-Hispanic times by the Olmec civilization, are on display at Carousel 7.

Did you know?

The compost program with airport restaurants started in March 2017 has collected over 20 tons of organic material, diverting it from landfills.


February 2018 Updates

To account for more impervious cover and additional gates as part of the terminal and apron expansion at the Austin airport, a new stormwater runoff collection system has been constructed and triples the airport’s capacity to manage and treat stormwater and de-icing fluid runoff from the terminal apron.

Four new stormwater, de-icing detention ponds can hold 3.8 million gallons

As part of the 48-acre apron improvement and expansion project, the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has completed the construction of four new concrete-lined ponds that can collectively hold up to 3.8 million gallons of water. The ponds make up the new collection system and provide an increased ability to manage stormwater and deicing fluid effectively, sustainably and within compliance with environmental overhead

About 12,750 cubic yards of concrete was poured to create the four new ponds, which triple the capacity of the previous pond system that was replaced as part of the apron expansion. The new ponds help account for the addition of more impervious cover with the new terminal construction and the expansion of the apron, along with increased de-icing activity.

The new ponds, located south of the eastern side of the Barbara Jordan Terminal apron and Taxiway Hotel, increase the airport’s ability to manage stormwater runoff. The construction also included new equipment such as pumps, valves, flow and pH meters, aerators and 9gate overhead jan 18

Overall, the four ponds can hold up to 3.8 million gallons of water. Two ponds, H1 and K3, are sedimentation/filtration water quality ponds. H1 holds 611,708 gallons of water and is 105 feet long, 40 feet wide and 23.4 feet deep. K3 holds 1.1 million gallons and is 155 feet long, 45-feet wide and 23.2 feet deep.

Ponds K1 and K2 are concrete basins used to capture, manage and treat stormwater that is contaminated with deicing fluid. These two ponds are each about 155 feet long, 49 feet wide and 23.7 feet deep. K1 holds 1 million gallons of water and K2 holds 1.1 million gallons.

Sixty-inch reinforced concrete pipes and box culverts ranging from 10 by 8 feet to 6 by 6 feet in size convey stormwater from the terminal apron to the ponds, and eventually to the outfall into Onion Creek.

The previous ponds that served the apron have been demolished to make way for new apron space. Throughout its growth and operation, the Austin airport has worked to prevent negative environmental impacts resulting from stormwater runoff, aircraft and pavement de-icing.

9-gate terminal expansion work continuesphoto 9gate jan17

The construction project that will add nine new gates to the Barbara Jordan Terminal continues as approximately 65 percent of the exterior glass panels are now in place. The panels that are 10 feet by 4 feet and 7.5 feet by 5 feet each are being added to the exterior of the terminal. The 9-gate expansion will add 88,359 square feet, or about 29 percent, of new concourse space to the terminal.

Did you know?

Launched in March 2017, the Pour It Out bottled water conservation station inside the terminal has collected an average of 18 gallons of water, the equivalent of 144 – 16-ounce water bottles per day. The airport is looking to add three more stations in the terminal in 2018.

January 2018 Updates

Ceiling covers in place as center terminal roof replacement begins

Contractor Hensel Phelps has reached Gates 6 -15, the central and widest part of the Barbara Jordan Terminal that is set for roof work replacement. Passengers will notice plastic sheet covering on the approximately 50-foot high ceiling starting near Gate 14.

It is estimated that over 100,000 square feet of covering will be used to create a suspended barrier to protect retail and commercial space in the center of the terminal building. This will create a separate work environment for roof construction activity and keep a professional appearance during the work.

Back in April 2017, work began to replace the 290,000 square foot roof of the Barbara Jordan Terminal, as part of the overall terminal improvement project. The original roof was built in 1999 and has reached the end of its lifecycle. The replacement work began on the west end, near Gate 23 and is migrating east.

The estimated completion date of the entire Barbara Jordan Terminal roof replacement project, which will end at Gate 2, is late 2018.

Thirteen business counters added throughout terminal

The Austin airport is constructing 13 new business counter locations in the Barbara Jordan Terminal. This will provide passengers more locations for laptop and mobile device operation and increases the number of electrical charging options in the terminal.

Each counter averages 4 feet in height, with more than 1.5 feet of solid surface counter space. Each counter ranges from 10 to 17 feet in length with electrical and USB outlets and is currently located near Gates 5-8, 10-12, 13-19, and 20-21.

Departure Lounge, Berry Austin construction begins near Gate 8

The construction wall near Gate 8 signifies the building of a new Departure Lounge and Berry Austin frozen yogurt at the Austin airport.

An upscale interactive travel discovery location, the 1,230 square foot Departure Lounge will showcase future travel vacations and getaways. The lounge will offer appointments with travel advisors and serve organic coffees, small- batch boutique wines, artisan chocolates, and cheeses.

The new 300 square foot Berry Austin airport location will offer uniquely flavored yogurt recipes from founder Kathy Steele, who opened her flagship location in central Austin in 2009. With 10 flavors of frozen yogurt and 50 available toppings, Berry Austin will also offer smoothies, parfaits, floats and other treats.

Departure Lounge and Berry Austin will be operated by concessionaire Paradies Lagardere.

Construction begins on second Barton Springs, Ruta Maya locations

A construction wall near Gate 5, at the Austin airport, indicates the beginning of a build for the second locations of a Barton Springs store and Ruta Maya coffee cafe.

Both to be operated out of a 1,431 square foot location by concessionaire Paradies Lagardere. Ruta Maya will offer organic specialty coffees and pastries and the Barton Springs East store will offer western apparel, accessories, salsas, sauces, jewelry, books and magazines.

The Barton Springs West store is located near Gate 18 and the west Ruta Maya coffee cafe operates with Thundercloud Subs near Gate 19.

Did you know?

The Austin airports terminal recycling program collects an average of 52 tons of recyclable material monthly. This is about 588 cubic yards of landfill space not used or the equivalent of stacking waste five feet high the length of a football field.

Airport guitars temporarily moved to Customs for carousel renovation

photo Austin Music Flows guitar by Debra PratherFind out where the eight iconic Austin airport guitars formally on bag carousel No. 3 are now. Zigzagging entries save energy at airport vestibules.

Photo Willie Nelson GuitarThe eight iconic airport Gibson Guitars, that greeted visitors in bag claim to the “Live Music Capital of the World,” have temporarily moved to the Customs / International arrival area. The change of scenery for the guitars was made in preparation for renovation to carousel No. 3. The guitars now provide a visual of the musical heritage of Austin to arriving international passengers.

The guitars were previously displayed on carousel No. 3, behind the True Patriot: Barbara Jordan Memorial Statue. Decorated by local artists, the fiberglass Austin themed guitars are nearly 11 feet tall, and 4 feet wide at the base. Each guitar weighs 75 lbs. and is mounted on a 75 lbs. stand, each with a stainless steel shroud with a plaque that weighs 40 lbs. This makes each piece a total of 190 lbs.

Now temporarily located inside Customs, the oversized guitar sculptures will return to carousel No. 3 a year after construction is completed. Carousel No. 2 bag claim is currently closed undergoing replacement.

The guitar collection is part the Austin Art in Public Places (AIPP) program that showcases community and cultural landmarks to highlight the identity of Austin, Texas. The guitars were made in 2006 and then loaned to the City of Austin. In 2009, Austin resident and businessman Milton J. Verret donated the guitars to the City and they were assigned to the airport.

Why zigzag at terminal entrance?

Photo Zigzag Terminal EntranceAt times, do you wonder why the glass-sliding doors are staggered and passengers zigzag while entering and exiting the Barbara Jordan Terminal? This is purposely done, especially on cold days, to enhance energy performance of the heating system by eliminating drafts and lessening the loss of heat from the terminal.

As part of the overall airport improvement project, the airport is currently replacing the 13 vestibules, the main glass entry/exit ways to the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

The construction of four vestibules has been completed, two in upper-level ticketing and two in the lower-level bag claim area. The completed vestibules include the entry/exit nearest Checkpoints 1 and 2, and in front of bag claim No. 3 and the entry/exit nearest Customs. Each renovated vestibule has an additional 10 feet of entry space between the sliding-glass doors, which act as airlocks between outside and inside environments.



December 2017 Updates

Terminal Expansion South ElevationThe addition of nine more gates, including new international gates and a patio with views of the east runway, reached the ‘topping off’ construction milestone. The airport’s lighted guitar-shaped CapMetro bus stop opened, giving off a cool musical vibe.

9-gate expansion reaches ‘topping off’ milestone

Hensel Phelps, the prime contractor for the 9-gate expansion project at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport marked a construction milestone on Dec. 8, 2017, when the last of 17 steel trusses to support the roof were placed. Each truss weighs 41,000 pounds and spans 135 feet by 17 feet.

With the steel structure completed, the expansion project overall is approximately 35 percent complete. Contractors are currently working on installing the roof decking and the building’s exterior metal panels to match the existing terminal.

Terminal Expansion Concrete Deck Approximately 20 percent of the 10’ x 4’ and 7.5’ x 5’ exterior glass panels are now up.  Four different types of exterior glass and glazing systems are being installed—clear vision, ceramic frit, frosted, and insulated spandrel glass with different levels of transmittance of visible light, solar energy and UV reflectance.

Jobsite facts from Hensel Phelps:

  • 611,000  work hours as of Dec. 14, 2017
  • 22,356 cubic yards of concrete placed for terminal building construction
  • 14,500 cubic yards of apron pavement placed
  • 2,002 workers
  • 1,926 tons of steel used
  • 125 subcontractors onsite
  • 0 lost times accidents

Construction for the terminal expansion began in June 2016, and will add 88,359 square feet of new concourse space, nine additional gates and a wider concourse to the east end of the Barbara Jordan Terminal.   Gensler is the lead architect for the project.

Once completed, the 9-gate project will expand the concourse to 33 gates with jet bridges and will showcase a 5,770 square feet outdoor patio, a tower resembling Austin’s iconic outdoor Moon Towers, new food venues and shopping, and more music and art space. Baggage handling systems, airline operation office space, security and other related ancillary facilities are featured on the lower level. The 9-gates are slated to open to customers in 2019.

Rendering of moon towerThe project also includes adding 36 acres of additional airfield jet parking and movement areas and aims to obtain a LEED Silver Certification on the completed structure. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environment Design certification issued by the U.S. Green Building Council to certify buildings are resource efficient in all phases of a project.






Airport guitar shaped bus stop gives off musical vibes

Now performing and continuing the musical-themed vibe at the Austin airport is the new illuminated guitar-shaped bus shelter for CapMetro. A ribbon cutting program was held to officially open the 45-foot high tilted guitar bus shelter that changes colors. It is located outside baggage claim, in the lower level. The CapMetro bus fare is $1.25.

A ribbon cutting program was held to officially open the 45-foot high tilted guitar bus shelter that changes colors.

The construction also included sidewalk and accessibility improvements, benches, charging stations, and a 55-inch touchscreen monitor. The stop services the CapMetro 100 – Airport Flyer bus route that connects the airport to downtown and the 350 – Airport Blvd. route that connects to north Austin.

The project was a collaboration between City of Austin Department of Aviation, Public Works and CapMetro. The designer of the shelter was RS&H and the builder was Piatra.


Watch progress of parking garage via web camera

Austin Commercial, the general contractor for the new 6,000 space parking garage underway, each night utilizes 80 to 85 trucks to pour concrete. It is estimated that construction is approximately 25 percent complete, and the structure is up to the third level in some areas. The finished garage will tower six levels and is the size of three football fields long.

A construction web camera is stationed at the site to view the latest progress of the construction of the new garage. To view photos (updated every 30 minutes) and to watch the time-lapse movie of the new garage (slated to open in 2018), visit: 

Book People store starts renovation

Book People, the largest independently-owned bookstore in Texas, has started construction on the re-design of its Austin airport store. The renovation will incorporate characteristics of its Austin, Texas downtown location on North Lamar Blvd., with the familiar blue logo and big comfy reading chairs in each section of the store.

Construction walls surround the 1,418 square foot space in the Barbara Jordan Terminal located across from Gate 11. A center reading lounge is included in the new design along with net-like facings and frosted glass walls. A reclaimed wood checkout counter with copper pendant lights are planned around the retailer’s displays of its popular reading options that include bestselling and staff selected books, magazines, snacks, and travel items.

The west end of the store will include a 267 square feet Wi-Fi bar to accommodate passengers and to charge electronic devices. Renovation is expected to be complete in early 2018.


rendering book people


Carousel 2 bag claim undergoing replacement

With the completion of the construction that doubled the size of Carousel 1, contractors have started the replacement of Carousel 2. The I-shaped Carousel 2, at 138 linear feet will be replaced and modernized at the same size and is part of the overall airport improvement project.


November 2017 Updates

The East Food Court, across from Gates 7 and 8, is now closed for preparations to introduce new food options to passengers flying Austin. Tyler’s Austin Warehouse retail store has opened across from Gate 10, offering Austin area inspired gifts and apparel.

East Food Court renovation begins

Construction walls are up at the East Food Court located across from Gates 7 and 8. This marks the closure, construction and introduction of new food and retail concepts in the East Food Court. Along with coffee and pastries offerings, the new concepts include The Peached Tortilla, Juiceland, and a bar featuring brew from the Live Oak Brewing Company.

The new concepts will replace Hoover’s, Hill’s Café, Nuevo Leon, and Wok & Roll. Auntie Anne’s will remain open during some renovation work and later will convert to MAD Greens. Temporary Grab & Go kiosks will operate in the area during the food court renovation and restrooms and art gallery near the location will remain open during the construction.

The East Food Court is part of the airport’s overall refresh plans for stores and concessions. Restaurants that recently completed construction and opened for customers include Second Bar + Kitchen, IVINI’s Italian and the expansion of Salt Lick Bar-B-Que. Annie’s Café and Bar on the west side of the Barbara Jordan Terminal is currently undergoing renovations, estimated for completion later this year.





photo tylers interiorTyler’s Austin Warehouse opens

Tyler’s Austin Warehouse, an Austin themed retail store, opened on Nov. 4 at a new 2,211 sq. ft. location. The store is located across from Gate 10 in the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

The Austin souvenir and apparel store has a high beam painted mural roof, dotted with iconic city locations. Inside customers see bold AUS (the Austin airport code) lettering, serving as shelving. The store offers top brand names such as local outdoor products made by Yeti, along with international bestsellers, Billabong and TOMS, and specialty men’s and women’s clothing.

Local merchandise offered by Tyler’s include Lalika Soaps, Inc. products such as body and face cream, lip balm and natural soaps — handcrafted, and made in Austin. Other products include Austin based Exit 82 items such as stone coasters, pet tags, coffee cups and key chains. Wrapped To Wear custom jewelry made in Austin and Cedar Park-based Coover Caramels candy and chocolates are also available.

Carousel 1 bag claim opens, doubles in size

The construction to modernize and double the size of Carousel 1 at the Austin airport is complete as the carousel became operational on Nov. 1. The old 138 linear foot I-shaped bag claim system has been replaced by a new 274 linear foot U-shaped carousel. This almost doubles the size of the carousel that is now quieter and faster.

Work will next begin on replacing Carousel 2. As part of the overall airport improvement project, carousels 2-6 which are original equipment from 1999 will be replaced and modernized individually at their same size. Carousel 7 was constructed in 2015 along with Carousel 8 in Customs.

Elevators upgraded in garage, bio oil and reclaimed stone used

Frequent garage parkers will notice a fresh new look to three of the six elevators of the close in parking garage. The renovated elevators, No. 4-6 are now more energy efficient and quieter, using 100-percent biodegradable non-toxic hydraulic vegetable oil.  Modernizing the elevators with a new hydraulic ram system and new signage, the updated elevator cars now operate with a new air conditioning system and have new interior and flooring.

Reclaimed stone was used for the elevator trim. This was stone that saved from the infield construction project that create Customs and Checkpoint 1. The elevators dated back to 1999 when the terminal opened and had reached the end of its service life. Plans are set to begin the rehab of garage elevators 1-3 in early 2018 by Gadberry Construction Inc., the primary contractor for the elevator work.

Now two crews are working 12 hours shifts to complete the upgrades to the elevator, near Gate 13 that leads to the American Admirals Club, United Airlines Club and the Knot Anymore private treatment area. The clubs are accessible by stairs but if assistance for alternate elevator access is needed during the renovation please call (512) 903-6010 for assistance.

Austin Article opens near Gate 9

Austin Article has relocated to a new 2,467 square foot location next to the east terminal exit doors, across from Gate 9.

The store offers University of Texas apparel, best-selling books, magazines and snacks, Austin themed gifts, jewelry, hats and comfort travel items. Local Austin area products and brands include Lammes Candies, Epic chicken and bison jerky and Jardines sauces and salsa. Also selling kid’s clothing and gifts, the open store-front designed Austin Article has historic names and images of the city and the surrounding areas.

Operated by Paradies Lagardere, the Austin Article opens at 4 a.m. daily and closes after the final departures of nearby gates.


Aviation earns SMBR Department Advocate Award for diversity in contracting

Aviation was named the Small & Minority Business Resources (SMBR) Department Advocate Award winner at the 2017 Contractors’ and Consultants’ Appreciation Event for Diversity in Contracting.

The SMBR honor is awarded to a City of Austin department who shows commitment and support for SMBR’s mission. The award recognizes the encouragement and promotion of subcontracting opportunities, to certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and Disadvantaged Businesses Enterprises (DBE), to compete for work and contracts.

Aviation has 40 DBEs working on the 9-gate terminal expansion, new parking garage and administration building projects. There are 38 MBEs / WBEs providing professional services and construction subcontracting work, and 10 working on airport concessions.

October 2017 Updates

Vestibule renovations transitions to Phase II

The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has opened four remodeled vestibules. These are the automatic sliding-glass entrances and exits to the Barbara Jordan Terminal.  The new vestibules are located near the upper-level Checkpoint 1 and 2 terminal entrances and in bag clam near International arrivals and Customs, and in front of carousel 5.

This is Phase I of the upgrade to modernize and replace the 13 vestibule entrances at the Austin airport. With the new vestibules, passengers will immediately notice that there is now 19.4 feet of space between the inside and outside doors, 10 feet more than the current vestibules at 9.4 feet.

The vestibules act as an airlock between the outside and inside environment. They aid in reducing cold and hot air drafts, enhancing energy performance and reducing energy costs. Flooring at the entries has recessed grates to capture dirt and moisture from being tracked into the building.

Phase II is set to begin and includes the closing and renovation of the lower level vestibule in front of the Badging and ID / Lost & Found office near SuperShuttle. The vestibule will be closed to foot traffic with a construction wall to allow for the upgrade that is part of the airports overall terminal improvement plan.

Second Bar + Kitchen ABIA holds official grand opening

Second Bar + Kitchen, a new American style restaurant, held its grand opening program on Oct. 10 with a tasting, live music and ribbon cutting program. Created and founded by award winning Chef David Bull, the Second Bar + Kitchen airport location mirrors the critically-acclaimed Austin establishment with an eclectic menu and Texas flavors.

The 1,939 square foot restaurant located near Gate 7 has seating for 66 patrons. It was designed using modern lighting with large scale pipe fixtures, metal drum shades and woven geometric pendant lights. Rich wood floors, leather upholstery and industrial style chairs where used in creating the restaurants appeal.



September 2017 Updates

An Airport of the Future – Recording Traffic for the ABIA 2040 Master Plan

Understanding how vehicle traffic flows into, out of and around the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) campus is behind a recent traffic study conducted as part of the ABIA 2040 Master Plan process. In late August, transportation planners installed small video recorders at twenty points around the ABIA campus. The devices measured movement along the terminal curbside, intersections, at parking garage entrances and along the roadways within and around the airport.


The devices recorded seven days of vehicle movements which were then entered into traffic simulation modeling software. These models help engineers and planners understand when and how various vehicle types – cars, trucks, 18-wheelers – move throughout the ABIA campus. 


“This technology also allows engineers and planners to know when and where the most traffic congestion occurs,” explains Keri Burchard-Juarez, an engineer working on the ABIA 2040 Master Plan. “Understanding the current state of traffic flow helps the master plan team better prepare for the future.”


The traffic study helps paint a detailed picture of the traffic around the airport. The detailed data will help planners determine ways to make future airport vehicle travel safe, seamless and timely.



Guitar shaped bus shelter taking form

The guitar shaped support structure for the new Austin airport and CapMetro bus shelter is forming with the delivery of steel and welding to attach the structural frame to the sidewalk foundation.

Estimated to be completed later this fall, the bus shelter will be 45-feet high at the neck and 30-feet high at the body of the illuminated tilted guitar that changes colors. It is designed to look like a guitar body coming out of the ground with neck and strings. Located outside of baggage claim, in the lower drop off and pick up level, beyond the taxi waiting area near Column 4, the shelter construction includes sidewalk and accessibility improvements.

Including benches, charging stations, and display monitors, the new shelter will continue to serve the CapMetro 100 – Airport Flyer bus route that connects the airport to downtown and the 350 – Airport Blvd. route that connects the airport to north Austin.

As construction continues there is no disruption to the existing CapMetro service to the terminal.

Terminal expansion continues

The 9-gate terminal expansion construction project has been underway for over a year and the skeletal structure, roof and project length are starting to reveal the final footprint of the addition. The expansion is extending 580 feet beyond the current existing terminal and is nearly 144-feet wide.

Currently, 10 of the 17 roof trusses, each spanning 135 feet across have been raised and attached. Second story slabs made of reinforced concrete are being poured and the cured second floors are visible to show the increasing terminal length.

The existing Barbara Jordan terminal that opened on May 23, 1999 is 18 years old and is also undergoing overall improvements projects. The projects include roof, vestibules, lighting, baggage claim and sprinkler system upgrades. The terminal is also undergoing new concession, store renovations and updates.

Other airport property improvements currently under construction includes enhancements to the airport roadway system, a new cell phone lot, new retail and gas station construction and a new 6,000 space parking garage.

Second Bar + Kitchen opens, offers sit-down seating

Second Bar + Kitchen, the newest restaurant at the Austin airport is now open near Gate 7. It is the first airport restaurant to offer a host and seated service.  Each seat in the restaurant has a charging station.

Inspired by its original downtown Austin location and menu, Second Bar + Kitchen is a New American restaurant that was created and founded by Chef David Bull. The airport location is led by executive chef Jesse Marco with a menu of hearty salads and a Black + Bleu pizza with black truffle, blue cheese, mozzarella, pork belly confit, and medjool dates. Further offerings include buffalo fried pickles, baked brie, and signature items like its SBK Club sandwich with chicken salad and the Congress Burger.

Second Bar + Kitchen opens at 4:30 a.m. with a new breakfast and brunch menu that includes Texas Benedict on biscuits, a breakfast pizza and Lone Star tacos. Developed by La Corsha Hospitality Group and operated by Paradies Lagardère the restaurant will offer a wide selection of crafted cocktails along with an international wine list curated by wine director Paula Rester.

The airport location is designed with wood floors, leather upholstery and industrial style metal chairs. Modern lighting includes large scale custom pipe style fixtures, metal drum shades and woven wood geometric pendant lights that aim for an urban and industrial appeal.

Fundraising for Hurricane Harvey victims

On Friday, September 1, 2017, Earl Campbell, legendary running back for the Houston Oilers and U.T. Longhorns, was at the airport to sign hats, jerseys and other sports merchandise in an effort to raise funds to support victims of Hurricane Harvey. Earl Campbell’s Sports Bar donated 15% of the day’s sales and all other Delaware North (DNC) restaurants and stores at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport donated 5% of sales.

310 piers to support new parking garage

A total of 310 concrete piers reaching depths up to 71-feet will support the new six-story parking garage currently under construction near the Barbara Jordan Terminal. The piers range from 24 to 66-inches in diameter to support the 6,000 parking space structure.

Working long hours, six days a week and using multiple drilling rigs, the general contractor Austin Commercial, is averaging 30 piers drilled per week until all are set.  The garage is divided into six zones with over 50 piers placed in each. The contractor is working east to west across the large construction site.

A web camera is currently available to view the latest progress, from the construction site of the new garage, near the Barbara Jordan Terminal. Go to  to view the photos that are updated every 30 minutes and to watch the time-lapse movie of the project that is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

Salt Lick opens new location between Gates 12-13

At 1,454 square feet, the new Salt Lick Bar-B-Que location between Gates 12-13 at the Austin airport ope

ned on Aug. 22, more than doubling the size of its original location, which was 650 square feet. The new location now serves barbeque ribs and its signature sangria along with a changing selection of wines from the Salt Lick Cellars offerings. It will continue to serve brisket, breakfast tacos, sausages, sauces and rubs.

The new Salt Lick airport location, designed to have an industrial appeal with a glowing canopy of wood and steel mesh, has its own seating for dining and offers bar service. The new restaurant includes television screens, bar chairs and a signature curved Salt Lick meat carving station. Barbeque sauce rails are featured in the design along with distressed wood, exposed hardwood, timber ceiling and rough stone accents. These designs were inspired to continue genuine Texas barbeque feel of the original Salt Lick Driftwood location.

The former location across from Gate 12, in the west food court is now closed and the space offers grab-and-go items for purchase.




August 2017 Updates

Bird’s eye view, three new tower cranes on site at future 6-story garage

Webcam gives bird’s-eye view of new garage construction

A web camera, operated by Austin Commercial, lead contractor for the construction of the new 6,000-space garage near the Barbara Jordan Terminal, is now available. Go to to view the latest and to watch a time-lapse movie of the project’s progress. Updated every 30 minutes, camera images also offer links to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Rendering of the new 6,000 space parking garage under construction at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The garage is estimated to be completed in 2018.

Three tower cranes at new garage construction site

Three tower cranes are up and operating at the construction site of the new 6,000-space parking garage. The crane heights of 281, 161 and 104-feet high will do the heavy lifting for the planned six-story garage. 

With the construction of the 9-gate expansion on the east end of the Barbara Jordan Terminal and the new garage underway, there are five stationary tower cranes visible around the terminal. With mobile crawler cranes and the on-going roof replacement that started recently on the west end of the terminal, there may seven to eight cranes visible at one time.


July 2017 Updates

Steel tresses top 9-gate expansion construction

The installation of steel roof trusses marks another construction milestone for the Austin airport 9-gate expansion project. Construction walls are up for the new Austin Article retail near Gate 8 inside the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

Two of the 17 roof trusses are atop the future 9-gate expansion construction site and structure at the Barbara Jordan Terminal. This marks a construction milestone and symbolizes the height of the addition to the Austin airport that will add 88,359 square feet of new terminal gate area plus a wider concourse.

The first truss was installed on June 29 and the second installed on July 5. Each truss spans 135 feet by 17 feet and weighs 41,000 pounds to support the roof of the project. The expansion will increase the Barbara Jordan Terminal from 24 gates with jet bridges to 33 and is estimated to be completed in 2019.

New Austin Article location under construction

Construction has started on the new Austin Article news and gift retail store across from Gate 8, and right of the Ray Benson Roadhouse stage. A temporary construction wall encases the 2,557 square foot store that will offer one-stop shopping—from books and magazines to snacks, drinks, team apparel, and traditional souvenirs.

The new modern design for the Austin Article will showcase apparel at the side wall displays. Standalone display fixtures are included in the design with other shopping displays and items towards the rear of the store.

Austin Article is currently open at Gate 6 and is operated by concessionaire, Paradies Lagardere. Construction work is estimated to be complete by end of 2017.



More development at ABIA Retail visible

Structural steel for the ABIA Retail convenience store, restaurant space and gas station is visual. The roofing system has been delivered to the site. Customers will now see there are two structures visible for restaurant space and for the convenience store / gas station that will be located on airport property.

When ABIA Retail is complete it will also offer Austin Energy electric vehicle fast charging stations, a new cell phone lot, and playground area just off of Presidential Blvd., the main entry road to the Barbara Jordan Terminal.


Warehouse District opens outpost

With construction underway for a new Tyler’s & Austin Warehouse location near Gate 9, the Austin Warehouse District has opened an outpost that extends to the Checkpoint 1 foyer near Gate 5. The extension from its nearby storefront features rotating items such as iconic Austin landmarks and Texas themed post cards, Texas salsa & dip mix, jerky, sauces, and taffy, along with Austin themed T-shirts.

June 2017 Updates

Demolition of Lot A marks construction start of a new parking garage

A 24-hour work schedule has been set for the demolition of Lot A which signifies the start of the construction for the new 6,000 space parking garage at the Austin airport. Inside the terminal construction for a new retailer, Tyler’s & Austin Warehouse, has started across from Gate 10.

Heavy truck loads, 24-hour work schedule set for parking demolition

Construction crews have started a 24-hour a day, six days a week schedule to rev-up the Lot A demolition work. A heavy truck load plan is in place at the location for the future home of the new 6,000 spaces parking garage at the Austin airport.

Austin Commercial LP is digging out 4.5 feet of dirt across the site which is nearly three football fields from side to side. It is estimated that approximately 80,000 yards of mixed soil will be hauled off. That translates to nearly 8,000 dump trucks loads, averaging 120 truckloads per day – five per hour or one truckload per every 12 minutes.

A large portion of the dirt dug out will be re-purposed and used as base material in the construction of the new parking garage. Work is scheduled over the next several months to complete the demolition of Lot A before pier drilling and foundation work begins. Then the first of three 208 feet tall temporary tower cranes are scheduled to be installed.

New Tyler’s & Austin Warehouse retailer under construction

Construction has started on the new Tyler’s & Austin Warehouse retail store located in front of Gate 10, next to the Ray Benson Roadhouse. A temporary construction wall incases the 2,211 square foot store that will offer mix products and materials that reflect the culture and playful spirit of Austin and surrounding Central Texas hill country.

Offerings include a full line-up of Tyler’s branded goods, TOM’s Shoes/bags and sunglasses, Austin City Limits apparel/souvenirs and music, South by Southwest apparel and souvenirs, Keep Austin Weird, full assortment of flavorful foods from the Austin area as well as locally crafted themed merchandise and souvenirs. Other items include footwear, sporting apparel, seasonally changing based upon needs of traveling guests, University of Texas apparel and Yeti branded products.

Tyler’s will have a design that is new to the airport concourse with its custom Tyler’s overhead signage, metallic graphics, tree stump displays and clear acrylic AUS letters mid-store. Designs also include geometric flooring, woven textiles, and industrial fixtures and pitched wood structures.

The airport is the third Austin area store for the retailer that was established in Tyler, Texas in 1978. Tyler’s airport store will be operated by concessionaire Delaware North and construction work is estimated to be complete by end of 2017.

Roof trusses delivered for 9-gate terminal expansion

The growth of the skeletal frame of the 9-gate expansion continues at the Austin airport. The construction site is preparing for the delivery and installation of the 17 steel roof trusses and support castings. Each roof truss spans 135 feet by 17 feet and weighs 41,000 pounds each.  The trusses were fabricated by W&W-AFCO Steel.[/column_1]